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"You have fallen."

Ya think?


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Hi. My name is Andrea and I know this is the same photo I used in the past but I was hoping you could help me with my disney face characters. <:)


Hi, Andrea! I think you’d make a great Snow White, Evil Queen or even Cruella de Vil.

Thanks for submitting!



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It’s not just a story, Merida.

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The past is in the past.

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ディズニープリンセス by ピカダック on pixiv

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Chanelle, and I’m about 5’6 :3


Hi, Chanelle! You remind me of a mix between Merida and Anna, as well as Eric, Vidia, Young Ellie, and Mother Gothel. 

I think you’d make an incredible Merida. 

Your live-action lookalike is Trish from Austin and Ally.

Thanks for submitting!



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hiya :) would it be possible to claim the snowflake fairy talent please? love the blog xxx


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Can I be provincial life Belle in your disney family?

Belle is taken. 

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Hi I’m Megan! I’d really like a princess, fairy and face character lookalike please but if you’re completely swamped then just a face character one would be fab!! Thank you so much, I just wanted to say I love your blog too! xx


Hi, Megan! You remind me of Aurora and Glimmer. I think you’d make a great Aurora, Rapunzel and/or Tinkerbell face character.

Thanks for submitting!



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Hey! My name is Haley. If you’re not too busy, I’d love to have a look alike! Sorry about the face paint though. It was the most recent picture I had :P


Hi, Haley! You remind me of Belle, Aurora, Lyria, Tiger Lily and the Evil Queen. 

Thanks for submitting!



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My name is Lou and my height is 5’1”~


Hi, Lou! You remind me of Snow White and Penny. I think you’d make a great Fawn and/or Wendy face character.

Thanks for submitting!



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Anonymous asked: Ariel or Merida?

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Your worst enemy can be who you less imagine, who you most love.